DHC Bass

DHC bass cabinets are designed to give incredible performance and value for money by employing beautiful design simplicity and use of materials. Constructed using 18mm ply throughout with bonded and screwed seams these immensely rigid cabs avoid vibration and wring the optimum performance from the speaker drivers. In addition the “easy carry” hand holds aid air flow to the vented coils enabling high output without overheating and add low frequency lateral sound dispersion.
Available in 1×10″, 2×10″, 1×12″, 1×15″ and 2×6.5″ configurations these cabs used as singles or combined to will give incredible performance from bedroom practise to full stage shows.
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Standard 1x12 (Sica)

SICA 250 Watts

Sica (Jensen) Neodymium 2.5” Voice Coil, response 45-3000Hz; 250W RMS (500W Music); Hi Frequency is a 2.5” Peerless Driver with alloy cone
12 voice coil, response 65-16500Hz (Low Hz blocked below 1000Hz); 8 OHMs impedance

Standard 1×12 (Sica) Bass Cabinet >

Standard 1x12 (Faital Pro)

FAITAL PRO 300 Watts

The main driver is the highly acclaimed Neodymium Faital Pro; 2.5” voice coil, response 50-5000Hz. 300W RMS (600W Music); Hi frequency is a 4” Faital Pro 0 .75” voice coil, response 90-20000Hz (low Hz blocked below 2000Hz); 8 OHMs impedance

Standard 1×12 (Faital Pro) Bass Cabinet >