DHC Bass

I have played bass for over 40 years and owned and used many exotic rigs. My first cab was home made using a huge 18″ Fane driver in a chipboard cab. This was followed by my version of a Marshall stack with a 4×12 and 1×15 also made with chipboard. All down to economics and a strong back. About three years ago the need for a compact and lightweight rig led to the development of a compact 1×12 cab made with 18mm ply.

Economics were still important and a no frills approach was adopted.
– Simple hand holds (also acting as free air vents)
– No leathercloth covering
– No steel corners
– Smallest possible connection apertures
– 18mm throughout without additional complex bracing

Using this basic approach many cabs were made and sold with various drivers. Celestion, Eminence, Fane even low cost Chinese drivers. I was amazed at the sound but needed to reduce weight further so Italian neodymium drivers were tested which raised the price but proved justified based on the lift in sound quality and ease of handling.

This approach has been refined and two key types of bass cabs with high frequency drivers are available.

DHC Bass 1×12 Neodymium Cabs waiting to go
DHC Bass cabs at “The Great British Bass Lounge” amongst “friends”
DHC Bass 1×10 on top of the Standard 12″ Cab…Cute Eh? …but powerful
1×12 cabs with my Anaconda Bass and Peavey Amp …only one needed for most venues …I guarantee.