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1×10 Soundlab 200 Watt Bass Cabinet


1×10 Soundlab 200 Watt Bass Cabinet

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1×10 Soundlab 200 Watt Bass Cabinet

LF Driver: Soundlab
HF Driver: Peerless 2.5″
Impedance: 8
RMS Power Handling: 200
Hz Range: 48 – 16,500
Height: 35
Width: 44
Length: 30
Weight (kg): 9
Quality Assurance: Tested and supplied before so sound quality is assured.

I call this a “Bedroom Bass” cab. Its a full range all out bass cab but sounds great at low practise volumes and yet will give enough for small venues and rehearsal rooms. The bass driver is a sturdy alloy chassis cambric surround driver with a fully vented magnet so fits into the DHC ethos of “cool” drivers and is ready to work at its max if required. The Hf driver is the same as used in the higher power cabs so will take all the top end you can slap to it.

The cab and vents/handholds are slightly smaller than the std 12 and 15″ but is made with the same materials with the same care and attention.

Cabinets are constructed using 18mm ply throughout with ultra-strong bonded and screwed seams creating ridged, rattle free cabinets.

Handle apertures act as bass vents. In addition to making the cabs easy to lift and carry they are positioned to let cooling air flow to the speaker. On stage they send low frequency
sideways which doesn’t muddle the sound you hear. No metal or plastic handles are used which require large apertures (reducing cabinet stiffness) and no port tubes (which weaken
the baffle board). This also reduces weight and avoids screw heads which can damage other gear or car/van surfaces.

The painted steel grill is mounted on rubber and is removable for servicing.

The HF speaker switch is mounted on the right hand side for easy reach while setting your sound.

Two Speakon sockets are deeply recessed for protection in the rear of the cab.

The cabs are finished in mid sheen black “Tuf Cab”. This can be refinished at the DHC workshop if life on the road has taken its toll.

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions30 × 44 × 35 cm
LF Driver


HF Driver

Peerless 2.5"



RMS Power Handling


Hz Range

48 – 16, 500

W/O HF Driver

£ 160

Lead Time

10 days if not in stock

Quality Assurance

Tested and supplied before so sound quality is assured.




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